About Abby

Full birth name: Abigail Marjorie Wyczenski
Date of Birth: January 10, 1969
Married to: Luka Kovac
Children: Joseph (Joe)
Mother: Maggie Wyczenski
Father: Eddie Wyczenski
Brother: Eric Wyczenski
Played by: Maura Tierney

Abby Lockhart first appears on ER in Season 6 Episode 8 "Great Expectation" as Carol Hathaway's obstetrics nurse. She appears again in Season 6 Episode 12 "Abby Road" when she begins her third year of medical school. She had been working as a nurse to support her husband while he went to medical school, but when they divorced she went back to medical school.

In Season 7, Abby starts dating Dr. Luka Kovac. Abby's ex-husband goes bankrupt and can no longer pay for Abby's medical school. He had been paying for her schooling as part of their divorce agreement. As a result, Abby must return to nursing. Kerry Weaver offers her a full-time position in the ER. It is revealed in this season that Abby is a recovering alcoholic, and that Abby's mother is bipolar. She also becomes John Carter's AA sponsor, they grow closer and he eventually expresses his feelings for her.

In Season 8 Episode 2 "The Longer You Stay," Abby and Luka break up. Their relationship was strained from Maggie's visit and her growing closeness to Carter. Despite his feelings for Abby, they don't get together until the Season Fianle "Lockdown."

Season 9 brings the return of Maggie, Abby's mother. Her brother Eric goes AWOL and starts displaying erratic behavior; he is consequently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Abby tries to take care of her brother, but he is rebellious and ends up crashing the funeral of Carter's grandmother. Abby also begins drinking again, and this puts more strain on her relationship with Carter. He almost proposes to her, but decides against it. Instead, he decides to go to Africa.

In Season 10 Episode 3 "Dear Abby" Carter sends Abby a letter from Africa to break up with her. She gets her ex-husband to co-sign a loan so she can finally finish medical school. She fails the first test to earn her MD, but passes the second time. She finally earns her MD in the Season 10 finale "Drive."

Abby has a short fling with a medical student named Jake in Season 11. That relationship doesn't last long, and in Season 12 Episode 7 she gets back together with Luka Kovac. Their relationship becomes serious when Abby discovers she is pregnant and Luka proposes to her. After some uncertainty and an emergency C-section at the beginning of Season 13, Luka throws Abby a surprise wedding and they are wed in Episode 21 "I Don't."

Luka is called away to Croatia to take care of his ailing father and Abby is left to take care of Joe alone. She starts drinking again, and this time her problems become very serious. It causes huge problems in her relationship with Luka, but they are able to patch things up. At the beginning of Season 15 Abby, Luka and Joe move to Boston. Their last episode was Episode 3, "The Book of Abby."